VCA South Arundel Animal Hospital

85 West Central Avenue
Edgewater, MD 21037



Practice Manager

Kimberly, Practice Manager 

Kimberly has been with South Arundel as the Practice Manager since 2015 and has been in the field of veterinary medicine for over 8 years. She has been a professional organizer, managed her family business, and has managed various other kinds of businesses, but feels that her role as a manager in an animal hospital is her most rewarding.  Kimberly brings compassion and consistency to both the staff and to our families that bring their pets to South Arundel.  When not at the practice, Kimberly enjoys spending time with her daughter and family.  She is the president and founder of . Kimberly is a Firewalker, yes on hot coals, her last Firewalk was over 50 feet long in Hawaii.  Her family has a 4 pound Morkie named Pippa that rules the house, and 2 cats named Tiger and Lizzie.  Make sure to say Hello to Kimberly when you are in for a visit and let her know if there is anything that you might need. 


Professional Groomer

Heather, Professional Groomer

Heather joins the South Arundel team with over 10 years of Professional Grooming experience. She worked for a large corporation, where she trained new groomers, and specialized in all breed cuts. She absolutely loves her job and is great with difficult and older dogs. She also loves to groom cats!



Terri, Client Service Coordinator

Terri has been a team member of South Arundel for 20 years.  In addition to being the Client Service Coordinator, she is responsible for training all receptionists.  Terri loves spending time with her family and her beautiful grandson.  Her family has a dog, cat, and bird at home.  If you need anything you can always ask to speak to her.  She has been here for many years and has a special bond with many of our families.

Carol, Client Service Representative

Carol has been a team member for over 10 years. She has two dogs at home who often times come to work with her. Carol loves working with all of the animals that come in for appointments. Outside of the hospital, Carol volunteers and stays very active in the community.

Lynda Hall Veterinary Receptionist

Lynda, Client Service Representative

Lynda and her husband have one daughter and two sons, who are all named for something to do with animals. They have 10 cats and 1 guinea pig at home. Lynda has worked at SAVH for 20 years. When she's not at SAVH, she works in the GED program at AACC.

Victoria, Client Service Representative

Victoria joined our team a year ago.  She has an extensive past working in the veterinary field and enjoys working with animals. She has 3 dogs at home - a Shar Pei named Tazz, a Shepard Mix named Ziva, and a Pitbull named Tyson.

Mia, Client Service Representative

Mia joined our team a year ago. She has experience in the administrative field as well as in boarding and grooming positions. She has two dogs at home - a Labrador Retriever named Hooper, and a Jack Russel named Rocket. She says that her favorite part of the job is seeing all of the animals and meeting species and breeds she has not met before.

Angela, Client Service Representative

Angela is the newest member of the Client Service team at South Arundel. She has a husband who is active duty in the military and three children at home; ages 4, 6, and 12. When not working or spending time with her family, she enjoys gardening and sewing. 


Kylia, Client Service Representative

Kylia just moved here form California with her husband who is in active duty military, and there Dutch Shepherd mix Maverick. Kylia has always has a love for animals and has grown up with many different kinds. She is currently in school pursuing her bachelor's in Nursing, in her free time she loves taking her pup hiking or to play at the beach.


Senior Technicians

Chloe Kutin Vet Tech at South Arundel Veterinary Hospital

Chloe, Patient Care Coordinator

Chloe is a senior technician and says that her favorite part of working at SAVH is seeing all of the different breeds of cats and dogs. She has one cat at home named Aurora. She hopes to someday work with the large cats- lions and tigers!

Veterinary Technician

Karen, Senior Technician

Karen is one of our senior technicians and she is camera shy. She has been trained to answer emergency phone calls and triage emergency cases. She has been a very dependable member of the SAVH team for 30 years.  She enjoys getting to know the clients and their pets.

Jen, Senior Technician

Jen is a senior tech that began here as an intern over 12 years ago.  She really enjoys working with pocket and exotic pets, especially reptiles and amphibians. In her free time she enjoys photography and hiking.

Brittany, Senior Technician

Brittany is a veterinary technician. She grew up with all kinds of animals- horses, cats and dogs. When she was younger she was an avid equestrian and showed horses for years. At home she has a German Shepherd named Luke.



Veterinary Technician

Kat, Technician

Kat is a veterinary technician who has been on our staff for many years. She is a Certified Veterinary Assistant. Kat has seven cats and three dogs at home. When she's not taking care of her own pets or the animals at the clinic, Kat is pet sitting other people's pets! Her favorite appointments are new kitten visits.

Sarah, Technician 

Sarah has been a vet tech with us for a few years. She started working here because she enjoys being around cats and dogs and doesn't have any pets at home. Sara loves talking to the pets and making them feel more relaxed while they are here.

Jess, Technician

Jessica is a veterinary technician who has been a part of the South Arundel team for a couple of years now. She is currently taking online courses to further her education as a vet tech. When not at South Arundel or focusing on her studies, she enjoys watching movies and playing video games. She has one dog and one cat at home.

David, Senior Technician

Starting part time during his Sophomore year of High school, David has been with us on and off for the better part of 5 years. Currently he is pursuing his Animal Science degree between University of Maryland, College Park and Anne Arundel Community College, while working here as much as possible. With a perpetual love for animals and a particular interest in exotics, David favors large dogs and hopes for a future in Veterinary School.


Laura, Technician

Laura has worked in emergency veterinary care before and comes to SAVH with a wealth of knowledge.  She enjoys general practice and getting to know our clients and patients and is enjoying building long lasting relationships with them.  Laura is working on becoming a licensed veterinary tech.  She and her husband have 3 cats and 1 dog at home.