VCA South Arundel Animal Hospital

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Edgewater, MD 21037


Boarding Release Form

(Fill this out at home to save time at boarding check-in!)

We offer indoor kennels in a range of sizes to accommodate your pet's needs. Our fenced yard provides a safe area for your pet to exercise and be played with during their stay. Specialized feeding and medication requests can be tailored to your pet's schedule.  You can leave your pet in our care knowing that our trained kennel assistants and veterinary technicians will notify one of our doctors if there is any change in your pet's behavior while he or she is with us. If necessary, an examination and treatment will be provided.

We also offer bathing and professional grooming on premises. These spa treatments can be arranged while your pet is boarding or as a separate appointment.

We would be happy to provide a tour of our boarding facility. Please call to schedule a time.

We will give each pet the love and attention they need to keep them healthy and happy during their stay with us!


Many of our clients are working families. Weekdays can become long and lonely for a pet, especially new additions to the family. We are pleased to offer daycare for pets of all ages; drop off before work, and we will be his home away from home. Playtime, training and socialization can all be included in a fun day at South Arundel. Our daycare puppies literally bound into the hospital tugging their owners along - they can't wait to start their day with us!

Boarding Guidelines

Boarding Drop-off Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday 7:30am - 2:00pm

No pick-ups or drop-offs on Sundays or holidays

All pets must meet our current vaccination or viral antibody testing (titer) requirements and require an examination by a South Arundel Veterinary Hospital doctor in the preceeding year prior to boarding arrival.

Please be aware that we are not staffed 24 hours a day.  Our Hospital is monitored by a 24 hour motion/fire/burglar alarm.

Blankets, bones, toys and food may be brought along; please mark all items with an indelible marker.

In the event of illness, we will attempt to contact you. If we are unable to reach you, we will treat as necessary at your expense.

Boarding Packages


Doggie Retreat 

Comfortable accomodations with fresh water at all times, three daily walks, up to twice daily daily feedings, love and attention are all a part of our basic package.

Doggie Bliss 

All of the ammenities of our Retreat package with one extra walk daily.

Doggie Delight 

All of the ammenities of our Retreat package with one extra 15 minute playtime daily.

Pampered Puppies 

(for puppies under 6 months of age)

Puppies can look forward to playtime and socialization with other daycare puppies.  This package includes four walks a day, puppy food for three to four meals a day and lots of love and attention from our staff.

Serenity for Seniors 

Our older pets require and deserve a little extra care. We offer a complete package for boarding dogs seven years or older that includes four walks a day, soft padded bedding for kennels/runs and two meals per day.  Special attention is given to your older pet's needs including customized feeding and medication schedules including administering up to three medications per day.

*Pets weighing under 50 lbs incur an additional fee when reserving a run.


Tranquility for Cats 

Comfortable accomodations with fresh water at all times, litter pan changed daily or as needed, fluffy feline bed, up to twice daily feeding (canned and dry), love and attention are all a part of this feline-friendly package.


Exotic Getaway 

Exotic pets such as bunnies, birds and reptiles deserve pampering, too. You provide their cage, food and anything else they might need to feel at home, we'll provide the love and attention.

Additional Boarding Services

Diabetic boarding

Medication administration

Grooming & Bathing (Visit our grooming page for details.)

Our Boarding Menu