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Every Tuesday in Annapolis' newspaper The Capital, Dr. Francine Rattner answers reader questions about their pets. Topics have included dental health, organ failure and even advice on raising chickens! Click on the links below to view the archived columns.

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We're new pet owners - how can we keep our dog safe during the holidays?

My dog is a picky eater. What can I do?

What could be causing my cat's strange breathing noises?

How can I prevent resorptive lesions in my cat?

Is there a connection between dogs and Ebola virus?

How can I help my cat and dog get along with our newborn child?

How can I stop my dog from barking wildly every time someone comes to my door?

How can I help my dog lose weight?

How can I protect my pet from getting into human medications in my house?

Why do my two indoor cats fight each other when they see another cat outside?

How do I choose the appropriate flea and tick preventative for my pet?

How can I slow down my dog's degenerative myelopathy?

What is a safe treat to give my dog?

Can I catch strep throat from my dog?

Should I add fish oil to my dog's diet?

Why is my cat drinking more water lately?

What can I do about my dog's food aggression?

Did I do something to cause my dog's Addison's disease?

How can I practice good dental hygiene at home with my pets?

Cats and hairballs - what is considered normal?

How do I know if the snow and ice is hurting my pet's paws?

Does my smoking affect my pets?

How can I tell if my bird is sick?

How serious is KCS? 

What will my dog's life be like if his leg is amputated?

How do we explain our pet's death to our kids?

Why do cats have whiskers?

Should I adopt a heartworm positive dog?

Why is my ferret's hair falling out? 

What do I do if my pet is having an allergic reaction?

Can I give my cat milk instead of water?

What is the dog flu?

How do I stop my pet from begging?

What does it mean if my dog has a parasite from a rabbit?

How do I care for my rabbit?

Why should I not go to the discount vaccine clinics I see?

My dog is on heartworm prevention so how did it get heartworms?

What can I do to protect my pets and family from ticks?

When should I spay or neuter my dog?

How do I choose what food to feed my pet?

Why does my dog "hop" with one of the back legs?

What is that bump in my dog's mouth?

How do I prevent my children from dog bites?

Why do my dog's ears stand up straight?

How do I know if my cat loves me?

Why is my old cat getting skinnier? 

Can my pet see colors?

Why is my dog coughing?

Does my pet really need an exam every year?

What's stuck in my pet's paw?

Is my old pet going senile?

Why does my pet have a head tilt?

What happens if my pet consumes marijuana? 

What do I do if our new cat has FIV?

Are glow sticks poisonous to dogs?

Why is my dog collapsing?

Why doesn't my dog play with toys?

What does it mean if my cat has FIP? 

How do I know if my dog needs a dental cleaning?

Should I be worried about the crust under my dog's chin?

How often should cats vomit hairballs?

What is Cat Scratch Disease?

Can you give me information about bladder tumors in dogs?

Should I clean my cat's ears?

Why is my cat mounting other cats?

How do I tell my vet I want a second opinion?

What is bloat? Is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening in my dog?

What type of dog do you recommend for a family with allergies?

What if I can't afford to spay my dog?

Are acorns bad for my dog? 

Can my cat live on a boat?

Could my dog's weight be part of his breathing problem? 

Why is my puppy itching so much?

Why is my dog aggressive only at the vet office?

How do I get my cat to eat wet food?

What are some tips for treating my exotic pet if I think it is sick?

How can we be prepared for the next power outage or other disaster?

Should my dog be on a joint supplement?

Why does my dog circle before he lays down?

Does my dog need a seat belt when riding in the car?

Why does my cat chew on fabric?

How do we stop our cat from jumping on the counter?

How do we treat chicken mites? 

Why is my dog drooling so much?

How does a warm winter and early spring affect my pets?

Why does my dog eat grass? 

Can you explain liver disease in cats?

How can I help my cat adjust to a new cat in the house?

How can we tell if the shelter kitten we want is healthy? 

Can our dog catch a stomach bug from us? 

Since Interceptor is unavailable what should we use for heartworm prevention?

What are some tips for traveling with our pets?

What is Pug Dog Encephalitis? 

What do I do if my dog growls when I try to take things away from him?

Is it normal that my puppy's teeth are falling out? 

What does it mean when my dog wags his tail?